A Year of Food Doodles: Celebrating 1 Year of Rhubarb & Cod

A Year of Food Doodles: Celebrating One Year of Rhubarb & Cod

Tomorrow Rhubarb & Cod turns one! And boy, am I exhausted. People have been congratulating me, heaping on the compliments and suggesting a multitude of ways in which to celebrate this occasion. I couldn’t be more grateful to have such supportive, wonderful people in my life. A sentiment that, of course, extends to you, my wonderful readers. But despite the enthusiasm of those around me, I mostly feel punch drunk. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means I’ve put everything I had into this corner of the internet. But it also means I lack the energy necessary to party down. So instead, I’ve opted for a more retrospective approach to celebrating my blog’s first. Introducing Food Doodles, a collection of every food doodle I whipped up during the first year of Rhubarb & Cod.

The other day, while I was transferring a few giant files to an external hard drive, I was struck by the body of work this year has left me with. Of course, I abandoned my digital housekeeping (because that’s what always happens) in favor of making something out of the flourishes, odds and ends I’ve created for this blog and this design is the result. I still haven’t finished transferring those files, by the way – oh well.

A Year of Food Doodles: Celebrating One Year of Rhubarb & Cod

Anyway, if you’ve enjoyed the doodles that accompany the recipes on this site, I encourage you to visit my Society6 shop. There you’ll find Food Doodles available for purchase on, well, just about everything. I’m really digging the throw pillow and I love the curtains. Honestly, if you have the right space and attitude those curtains would really sing.

A Year of Food Doodles: Celebrating One Year of Rhubarb & Cod

Thanks so much for being a part of this crazy, busy and joyful year. You’ve all made the past 365 days really magical. To further show my appreciation I will be back with cake tomorrow.

Until then!


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