The Sushi Collection: Tempura

The Sushi Collection: Tempura - Available at

tempura1Hey, guys!

I’m back with another member of The Sushi Collection, Tempura. This golden delicious design is the sixth installment in The Sushi Collection, which you can find in its entirety in my Society6 shop.  Tempura is also the second to last design to be included in the collection and that means we will soon leave the sushi bar behind and extend into new and, of course, delicious territory. In the coming weeks, I will be debuting another collection and, much like The Sushi Collection, I intend to highlight it here piece by piece. The only difference is the next collection will not be available in my Society6 shop right from the get-go.

This go-around I will be debuting each piece on this blog and on Society6 in tandem. We’ll see what effect this will have on the flow and, erm, consistency of the content. Let’s call it a “fun” experiment and we’ll see where it takes us.

While I’m positively bursting to tell you the name of the new collection, I will remain silent on that front so as not to steal the spotlight from Tempura.

The Sushi Collection: Tempura - Available at

Tempura is my favorite piece in The Sushi Collection – no word of a lie. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s purple (that love runs deep) or because tempura was the first item I ever ordered in a sushi restaurant, but there’s something about Tempura that just speaks to me. I also really enjoyed working on it. Its deep-fried exterior allowed for a ton of variation of tone and it was a real challenge to convey the topography of the shrimp’s crisp outer shell. I also have to give it up for this piece because it accidentally introduced me to my new favorite color combo – purple and orange. Big ups to purple and orange!!

The Sushi Collection: Tempura - Available at

I have my eye on the Tempura tights, especially since the weather has turned colder and I find myself on the prowl for warmer running gear. But Tempura is at home on so many other items. I think Tempura would make for the perfect off-beat throw pillow for an eclectic nest or you might find a golden crispy shower curtain could be the thing to add character to an overly white bathroom in your latest rental. No matter how you decide to show your love for this deep fried treasure, Tempura is sure to give you all the delicious feelings the real deal sushi shop snack does.

Check out Tempura here, and while you’re there why not check out the rest of The Sushi Collection here?

As always, thanks for reading and supporting. Happy shopping!


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