The Sushi Collection: Onigiri

Rhubarb and Cod - The Sushi Collection: Onigiri -

onigiri1Today marks the end of an era. Yes, today is the day that I highlight the last – but certainly not the least – member of The Sushi Collection: Onigiri. It has been a long, rice-laden road. But no need to pout there will be other collections and, as always, The Sushi Collection is available in it’s entirety in my Society6 shop. Plus, the end of this fishy chapter gives me leave to explore new and delicious ground. Rest assured I will be unveiling the focus of my new collection soon, but this day is not about teasing you. Today is about Onigiri, so without further ado:


It’s fun, it’s kitschy, and boy, is it pink. Onigiri was definitely built for your feminine side. Something felt right about making this design almost too cutesy. The snack onigiri has such a delightfully twee appearance that I decided to embrace the colour palette associated with kawaii, the Japanese aesthetic movement that celebrates the overly cute. I held off on giving my onigiri rosy cheeks, though – my cynicism won that battle.


Although this design boasts a hue of pink that would be right at home in a nursery, I don’t see Onigiri as being child-like. I think it has a level of playful sophistication that kawaii doesn’t quite have. If  you tend a little more towards classic styling  (like me) but are willing to have little fashion fun with a few items (like me), you’ll find that Onigiri is exactly the type of print you could get down with on a makeup bag or iPhone case or even an accent pillow on a day bed. After all, you can’t afford to be serious all time. So hint at your adorable side by adding a little Onigiri to your life. It’ll keep you smiling.

Find Onigiri and the rest of The Sushi Collection here.



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