The Sushi Collection: Nigiri

Nigiri is the first instalment in a series of sushi-centric illustrations called The Sushi Collection. you can purchase Nigiri at

nigiri1There’s something about sushi. Don’t you agree? It went from inspiring shudders to finding it’s way into the prepared food section of grocery stores seemingly overnight. Of course, its popularity is largely due to its taste and texture, but it also has a great deal to do with how sushi looks.

I, like most of the people on this vast green rock, am a huge fan of sushi and a large part of my fanaticism has to do with its excessive prettiness. The colors of sushi work in such harmony. Each maki roll is an example of a carefully layered composition in terms of taste, texture and aesthetic.  Items like nigiri and sashimi highlight the virtues of finding beautiful details in simple things.

It should be clear to you by now that I have a very real tendency to geek out every time I spy a plate of sushi. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn the focus of my first design collection (available in its entirety right now on Society6) is sushi. Over the next several weeks, I will highlight each of the seven pieces found in the collection. The first is “Nigiri”.

Now, because I love noodling around in Adobe apps almost as much as I love actual noodles (almost), I decided to whip up a wee animation using the stars of Nigiri. If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest(it’s really easy to do, ya know) you’ve probably already seen it, quite possibly a few times – it formed a bit of hypnotic loop on Instagram. I, myself watched it over and over after posting it until my boyfriend, who produced the beat used in this video,  begged me to “make it stop”. Naturally, I let it play one more time and complied – I’m a rebel, not a monster.

Pop on over to Society6 and grab a laptop sleeve, wall clock or what-have-you decked out in “Nigiri.” And while you’re there, don’t forget to feast your eyes on the rest of The Sushi Collection. I think you’ll find they’re in very good taste.

Bad pun… Sorry.


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