The Sushi Collection: Maki

maki1Okay, okay. You know the drill. I make a design; I put said design up for sale on Society6; and then I make some wacko animation to celebrate that fact. I’m very comfortable in my weird rut.

Today we celebrate my first love of the sushi world: the maki roll. Maki are perhaps the most accessible bites found in the sushi oeuvre, particularly when they’re bundled of up with spicy mayo and tempura bits. But just because the maki roll is popular and predictable doesn’t mean it’s any less delicious… or beautiful, for that matter. My piece Maki celebrates that fact.

The Sushi Collection: Maki

In fitting with the beat my partner once again supplied me with, I went for a somewhat mechanized animation. There was something angular and architectural about Maki as a piece, so I decided to play up that aspect.

I hope you enjoy the animation and if you’re at all interested in getting the print on a duvet, or overnight bag, or what-have-you (I’m considering a new phone case) you can purchase it here.


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