Sicilian-Style Pizza w/ Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Banana Peppers

Sicilian-Style Pizza with Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Banana Peppers

I have a very unfoodie-like confession to make: I’m over Neopolitan-style pizza. I know, I know. It’s the fancy pizza, the authentic pizza, the “real” pizza. But I’m sick of it. Please understand that I rode the Neopolitan bandwagon for the past five years but enough is enough. It seems like every pizza joint in my neighborhood serves the stuff. I can’t even fault them for it. There is something alluring about the words “00 flour” and “900º wood-burning oven”. Fancy flour and screaming hot ovens wreak of authenticity and respectability. It gets people through their doors and there’s no shame in that. But am I the only one left in Toronto that prefers New York or Chicago style? I need that crisp, bready stuff. So, in retaliation, I made this Sicilian-Style Pizza with Roasted Brussels Sprouts. It’s pretty much a pan of bread with some toppings.

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Chicken Verde Grilled Flatbreads

Chicken Verde Grilled Flatbread

The food doodle accompanying today’s recipe is a bit of a misdirect. Sure, there are technically tomatillos in these Chicken Verde Grilled Flatbreads but they aren’t fresh. Yes, I Susan Keefe, used store bought salsa verde in this recipe. The shame is overwhelming. Please know I would not have committed such a food blog sin if I had been able to get my hands on fresh tomatillos. Sadly, my neighborhood grocery haunts could not accommodate my tomatillo needs and tracking them down would’ve required a special trip, which would’ve required time that I am short on these days. So, I went with bottled salsa verde and while I’m sure freshly made would’ve been better, these flatbreads still managed to knock my socks off. Plus, with the bottled salsa, these flatbreads make for a stellar weeknight meal.

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